Fuck Yeah Atheism
At what point

do you say “Oh, well that part of the science is wrong.”? Science is undoubtedly getting closer to the beginning every day. Yesterday, we learned that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth. Today, we’re studying the cosmic background and far away objects in order to look back in time. Tomorrow, we will be studying the Big Bang (or equivalent) itself. Every day we look deeper into the biology of our own species and of countless other species. We find connections between all forms of life and study the things that make us different (and the events that triggered the differences between species). At what point do you say “Oh, well that’s just bad science. Scientists all lunatics anyway.” Is it when you point your telescope at the sky and track the motions of the Sun relative to the Earth? Do you deny the fact that the Earth can be directly proven to be revolving around the Sun? Is it when a biologist identifies the gene that separates humans from apes? At what point does one fail to see what is before their very eyes? When does one decide to look away, to look to the past, to before the existence of the aggregate of knowledge that is science and logic? Why does one cling so adamantly to religion?